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Our Impact

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Janan Mirza
Alumna, Capital Campaign Champion
“Moving in the Spirit is a family. It’s not just a business or a dance company or a place that you go. My friends at college talk about how they aren't really close with the people from their dance company, that it was just a place for them to learn technical skills. It's quite the opposite for me, and I'm really appreciative."
Tendayi Kuumba
Tendayi Kuumba
Alumna, Broadway performer
“I started dancing at Moving in the Spirit when I was 13 years old. I was taking ballet classes elsewhere and also dancing at school. The difference for me at Moving in the Spirit was that it wasn’t just about the classes, it was also about leadership."
Noah Hill
Noah Hill
Alumnus, owner of Enquiring Minds Productions
“Moving in the Spirit is really like family to me. They still provide support and acceptance and honesty to this day. I got involved through my cousin, Chris, who was dancing there. Not every kid wanted to dance, so they created a program where you could learn about lighting and production instead."
Shakira Couch
Shakira Crouch
Apprentice Corporation dancer
“I’ve danced with Moving in the Spirit for over eight years. I stay each year because I like the connection and the collaboration with the other dancers. It’s like a family now.”

Students over the past ten years say Moving in the Spirit has helped them


Improve their confidence


Do better at school 


Set and achieve personal goals 


Consider how to help others

Source: Participant Feedback Survey Trend Study, 2011-2021.

Each dancer’s growth at Moving in the Spirit is monitored through a series of rigorous evaluations administered by Dr. Charné Furcron, a certified cognitive-behavioral therapist, dance therapist, and counselor.

Over time, Moving in the Spirit students consistently score in the High Adequate – Thriving ranges for developmental assets such as empowerment, commitment to learning, resilience, positive values, and social/emotional competencies (like interacting, decision making, and coping skills).

 Want to learn more? Contact Dr. Furcron.

*Source: Developmental Assets Profile Trend Study, 2011-2021.