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Men In Motion
The Men in Motion program teaches boys ages 10-13 positive values, confidence, and leadership skills through movement.

The Men in Motion company helps boys ages 10-13 to develop confidence and leadership skills through dance and movement. Activities are specially crafted to engage the unique energies and interests of young men who are ready to be a part of a team!

Founded by Director Chris McCord, an alumnus of Moving in the Spirit, this program is rooted in mutual respect and helps young men cultivate resilience, accountability, and positive self-identity.

Men in Motion students:

  • Train 1 hour 45 minutes minimum, weekly
  • Take classes based in hip hop and fusion styles
  • Learn to improvise and create choreography with peers
  • Train with guest artists who conduct workshops, set choreography, and serve as role models
  • Participate in group mentoring activities and field trips.
  • Participate in multiple performances throughout the school year
  • Are eligible to audition for the Moving in the Spirit Ambassador Team

All Men in Motion members sign a “commitment contract” outlining their goals and responsibilities for the program year.

Training is on Saturdays from 12 PM – 1:30 PM.

All required classes are included in the Men in Motion monthly tuition of $75/month. Sliding scale tuition is available