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Sliding Scale Tuition

Moving in the Spirit provides a sliding scale tuition option to ensure that financial hardship is not a barrier for young people wishing to dance in our programs.

You can view our sliding scale tuition fees here:

2024-2025 Program Year Sliding Scale Tuition Chart

2024 Summer Camp Sliding Scale Tuition Chart

Please note, sliding scale tuition applicants are still required to pay their full registration fee at registration. 

New & Returning Students: Fall 2024-2025 Program Year

To be considered for sliding scale tuition, you must first complete your registration. To do this, please be sure that you have checked off the following:

  • Indicated “Yes” under “Applying for sliding scale tuition?” in the registration form
  • Chosen your class(es)
  • Paid the $25 registration fee

Once you have completed all of these steps, within 1 business day, your Moving in the Spirit account will display a banner that says “Proof of income is needed” in red. Click the ‘upload’ button to submit the required documentation.

Applicants who have completed their sliding scale tuition request will be notified of their award status 3-7 business days following their submission.

Note: there is an appeals process for families who need assistance beyond the posted sliding scale determinations. In those cases, parents/guardians should reach out to our Assistant Program Manager, Chelsea Vill,  at


Contact our Assistant Program Manager, ChelseaVill.