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Azaria Gadson
Teaching Artist

Azaria G. is a curious and interdisciplinary performance and visual artist with her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in dance choreography and performance from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. In dance, she has curated original screen dance work Find Your Wings Draft 2 (2021) as well as her staged works Lovely and Ghetto (2022) and Blue’s Monologue (2023). Each work is informed by her interest in intersectional experiences and the embodiment of perspective, history and expression. Azaria G. explores the intersections between black and Caribbean culture, the concept of magic, and the practices of agency. Azaria G. is also a complex visual artist with themes focused on surrealism, color theory, storytelling, spirituality and magic in the black body. Through the practice of catharsis and improvisation, she has presented her interdisciplinary work at the Southeastern Center of Contemporary Arts (SECCA) during the Black@Intersection exhibition curated by Duane Cyrus. Azaria G. has also led social art initiatives of both dance and visual art at the Weatherspoon Art Museum during her internship for the Lorraine O’Grady retrospective titled Both/And (2022). Azaria G. continues to pursue social art and activism through her continued creative practices and pedagogy.