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Ashley Rose
Teaching Artist

Rose is a creative educator, writer, and dancer born and raised in South Florida. She quickly fell in love with dance at a young age, inspired by watching her mother teach and dance, as her mother was a local dance instructor and performer. Growing up, she was a part of various theater and dance companies, performing in productions throughout her childhood. Her love for dance carried her through her community health studies as she learned new ways to approach the art. During her undergraduate years at Florida Gulf Coast University, she was a part of a performing arts collective called S(he) Will Fade. As an artist, she worked alongside trauma survivors to create dance pieces inspired by their words and stories. Performing for many events and showcases throughout Southwest Florida, she got to communicate various meaningful messages through movement.

Currently, Rose is obtaining her Master’s in Creative and Innovative Education at Georgia State University. As an educator, she integrates creative arts into her teachings to help students foster personal development and self-expression. She works with different youth organizations in the city with the intent to create spaces for students to express, release, and be empowered. She believes dance is a vessel that provides freedom and healing and is an expressive outlet available to all people.